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New Adult Annotation

Title; Truth or Dare
Author: Adriana Hunter
ISBN: 9781310989278

Synopsis: Wendy Jackson is relatively new to the radio dj world so when the ad executives at her station decide that she has to host the Junior League Bachelor Auction she really can't say no. Just as Wendy settles into the idea of hosting the even she sees that one of the bachelor's is one of the city's most eligible bachelors, Michael Carter. Wendy is unsettled because Michael is her college crush. As always there is more to the story and Wendy's story is quite embarrassing. Being a full-figured teenager and young adult Wendy was always shy and never got the guy she wanted. The twist is that Michael now wants Wendy because of her sexy, sultry radio voice. Drama comes into play when Wendy realizes Michael doesn't remember her or her embarrassment from a few years back so she tells a white lie. Will Wendy be able to keep herself from falling too hard for Michael? If, not: Will Michael be able to trust Wendy when he finds out the truth?

New Adult Genre Appeals:
  • SEX - Truth or Dare frequently alludes to passion and sex.
  • Ages: While Michael and Wendy's ages are not mentioned it can be assumed that they are not very old. Wendy is just becoming a recognized dj and Michael is one of the youngest CEO's.
  • Full-time job: This seems to be the first full time job for Wendy right after college.
  • Serious relationship: Wendy does not appear to have had a prior serious relationship.

1) Sugar Jamison/Jamie Pope - writes about young curvy women finding relationships (lots of passion and sex).
2) Adriana Hunter - other books by Hunter offer the same sex/passion and younger eligible bachelors and women.
3) After by Anna Todd (NoveList Plus)

*Read-a-likes were hard to find for this title because it is not listed in NoveList Plus, there were no suggestions on sites like Nextread. I used personal knowledge and looked up New Adult fiction in NoveList Plus for the last title.


  1. Great job seeking out other places to find readalikes! For some of the newer or self published NA it can be hard to find out more info. Great job! Full points!


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